Street Performers Enthrall Audience at NALSAR University

A group of street performers led by Indian street magician Ishamudin Khan enthralled students and staff members at NALSAR University (Law) in Shamirpet, Hyderabad on February 6.

The performances began following an introduction by noted activist and lawyer Nandita Haksar. The artists entertained audience with their acts such as tight-rope walking and fire-juggling.

Speaking at the event, NALSAR University vice chancellor Prof. Faizan mustafa expressed his shock over the fact that such street performances have been penalized by legislations like Bombay Beggary Act. And as a consequence, the Jugglery artists have been pushed into other forms of Labour, he remarked.

NALSAR has been and will be at the forefront of conservation of rich cultural heritage of India and be voice of voiceless – the marginalized, added Prof. Faizan .

“And what a show it was”, reacted NALSAR faculty member Sidharth Chauhan after the event. “It featured tight-rope walking by acrobats, extraction of iron balls from the mouth and even fire-juggling. Totally worth the time and money.”

Street performers at NALSAR
Street performers at NALSAR

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