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Entrepreneurship, Youth & Nation Building

Abu Sultan for Hyderabad Youth Mirror #

The term nation building basically means development of a nation. There are many grounds on which development takes place. It’s a strong perception that youth can take the nation to a height where it is supposed to be. Youth have always been energetic and innovative in their thoughts. Their tongue usually speaks about change, their ears have become habitual of hearing about change, and finally their eyes are dying to witness it (change). The most widespread idea among them is to change the nation individually. Let’s consider how entrepreneurship can help in nation building.

Entrepreneurship means an organization with visualization of innovation. The youth is very much familiar with the term and thus they want themselves to be called an entrepreneur. The backbone of the nation is its economy. The economy will only develop when it is having sufficient entrepreneurs who are efficient and effective. Thus it’s high time that the youth should be accepted as the entrepreneurs. Youth is keen to take part in bringing out the change through their innovative brains. Innovation is the specific tool of the youth through which they achieve something out of the box which conventions does not allow.

India is in high need of potential entrepreneurs and the young population can compensate this vacuum. As the economy needs to be shined by them. The only part left in growth of a nation is polishing. Since the post-independence period the nation has witnessed persistent increment in GDP, HDI and balance of payments has been favorable at times. This increment can further be multiplied with the help of the youths. The empowerment and training of the modern times would help them attain the qualities of an entrepreneur. Certain Entrepreneurship Development Programs (EDP) need to be conducted at the state/national level by the government which develop the potential youths who are willing to be future entrepreneur and to develop skills and train the participants and make them aware about their hidden potential.

Youth Are Innovators

Innovation can most often be seen in the group of 1000 young brains when we ask to offer their thoughts on a certain topic. The youth are subject to dynamic thinking and intuitive decision making which is an important and must trait of an entrepreneur. The ground reality why people fail to become a successful entrepreneur is because of their thinking inside the box whereas youth are mostly think out of the box. Their communication skills, analytical ability, and human relation abilities actually defines them. It’s their ability to make intuitions successful with their hard work. Nation building can only take place with the help of innovators, planners, global thinkers who are dynamic and ready to face the challenges and overcome the constraints and hurdles which block their path.

Entrepreneurship is like a marathon, the more you run persistently and firmly the more are the chances to win gold. Similarly is the case of nation building where you have to be persistent intuitive and challenging which increase the chances of the developed economy. The present world is not constant, it’s dynamic and technically competent and if we will not adopt ourselves accordingly there are chances of failure we will be run over by others.

Youth Are Risk Takers, Not Risk Adverse As Old People

As we know that youth are warm blooded and want to lead. They are challenging and steady in their task and they work hard to achieve them. Motive of these young brains is to contribute towards nation development in terms of economic development. Giving the authority to the youth can accelerate the development in the economy. For substantial change in the nation building these innovators can amalgamate the economy with the developed economy. They are risk takers. Risk taking is one of major qualities which an entrepreneur needs. They are not pessimist rather they are self-reliant and optimistic which helps them in achievement. The nation building mainly depends upon the economic development which in turn depends on entrepreneurs who should be innovators and leaders.

[The author is a commerce student, pursuing graduation from a central university.]

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