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BJP objects amendments in Panchayat Raj law

Hyderabad: The Bharatiya Janata Party has strongly objected to the proposals being made by Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao to amend Panchayat Raj Act of 1992.

“Going by what is being circulated through media leaks by the TRS Government, all the proposed amendments are in clear violation of the letter and spirit of the Indian Constitution. Both Panchayat Raj Act of 1992 and Municipalities Act of 1992 are national laws passed after 73rd & 74th Constitutional amendments.

While State Government can make amendments for the same locally as there is provision for the same, the amendments cannot ultrawire or deviate from the framework of the national law.

In the three tier local body system proposed for self governance, the existing Panchayat Raj law clearly through 243 (A) to 243 (o) outlines the funds, functions and functionaries of the local bodies and the electoral process which need to be executed by the state election commission every five years,” Telangana BJP Spokesperson Krishna Saagar Rao said in a media statement today.

The BJP leader said that CM KCR’s plan to amend the Act to ensure Sarpanch election is conducted indirectly deviating from the existing law of direct election would be a ‘day dream’.

“Other amendments CM is proposing to reduce the powers vested with Sarpanch, bring in a provision for the removal a Sarpanch based on his performance and his other politically motivated amendments will be stalled by the Courts for overriding the existing national laws,” he said.

He accused CM KCR of waging an ‘unethical war against thousands of Sarpanches in Telangana’ to take control of them politically, through these proposed amendments. “The ministerial sub-committee set up by the CM is hogwash and BJP considers it as toothless.

BJP strongly believes that CM KCR is trying to hijack the local bodies for his party’s electoral outcomes in the general and assembly elections due in the near future. He is also trying to deviate public attention from his government’s failure to deliver on the electoral promises TRS made to the public.

BJP will fight to protect the sanctity of local bodies’ independence & local government’s roles & responsibilities provided by the constitutional amendments of 73 & 74. BJP will also explore all legal options to stall the unconstitutional amendments CM KCR is proposing to make to Panchayat Raj Act of 1992 in the state,” he announced. (INN)

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