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Pattadar passbooks should be distributed on March 11: CM

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao said that on March 11, Pattadar passbooks should be distributed in all the villages and for this purpose a Nodal Officer should be appointed in every village.

He said in this programme, Speaker, deputy Speaker, Council Chairman, Vice Chairman, Ministers, MLAs, MLCs, ZP Chairpersons, ZPTC members, Mandal Presidents, all elected representatives, Collectors, joint Collectors should take part.

He said that the government would release the required funds for organising the programme. He said a separate vehicle should be organised for every village to supply the passbooks of that village either one day before the programme or on the day of the programme.

The Chief Minister addressed Collectors meeting here at Pragati Bhavan on Tuesday in which he spoke about the government programmes planned and implemented, on just concluded Phase of the Land records purification, rectification and updation programme, on Panchayat Raj elections, Panchayat Raj roles and responsibilities and Amendments to the Municipal Acts.

In this programme, Deputy CM Mahmood Ali, Ministers Etela Rajender, Nayani Narasimha Reddy, Jupally Krishna Rao, Jogu Ramanna, T Srinivas Yadav, Jagdeesh Reddy, Indrakaran Reddy, Padma Rao, Deputy Speaker Padma Devender Reddy, Chief Secretary SP Singh, Chief Advisor Rajiv Sharma, MP K Keshav Rao, District Collectors, Joint Collectors, Panchayat Raj officers, several senior officials and non-officials attended.

Speaking at the meeting, the Chief Minister said, “In the land records purification programme, 93 percent of land and 92 percent accounts found to be undisputed without any litigation and the remaining is very less.

By February end, there should be one Revenue Court in the district in the place of courts of RDO, Joint Collector and District Collector. Revolutionary changes are going to take place in the revenue records maintenance from March 12. Stabilization should take place on whatever happened so far.

There is no need for a separate Registration department. In the entire state, 2,500 to 4,000 registrations take place on a daily basis. Of this 60 percent take place in the urban and 40 percent in the rural areas. Henceforth, apart from 141 sub registrar offices, 443 mandal offices will also take care of the registrations. Registration offices will be there in 584 mandals.

There is no need for taking time for months together for Mutations after the registration. We are introducing a system like the Core Banking System. Entries will be made into the both seller and buyer passbooks immediately with the required changes and additions.

For this high-end computers and Servers are being provided. Passbooks to both seller and buyer will be sent by the courier. The details are updated immediately on Dharani website.”

“Dharani website can be seen from anywhere in the world. The Collectors should update details of sale and purchases since the land purification programme beginning till March 12 on Dharani site. Core banking method will start from March 12.

We have reduced Pahani columns and will use simple Telugu terms in the place of the Marathi terms. We are taking steps to strengthen further the Collectors set up,” the CM said.

In the beginning of the meeting, the CM specially congratulated Revenue Minister, Special Officer in charge of the land records purification, all Collectors, Joint Collectors. Conveying his hearty congratulations, the CM said, “We do several things but not to this level.

We postpone many things but we have done this programme with a lot of adventure. The whole country is congratulating us. Though we are a new state we became a role model to other states in the country. Several people who had some doubts on us are now convinced. This spirit should go on and in future too this should continue in a corrupt free atmosphere.”

CM makes a mention about Panchayat Raj

“Panchayat Raj elections should take place compulsorily. Geographical boundaries should be fixed based on the reports sent by the district Panchayat Raj officers for the formation of Gram panchayats. The Constitutions also stipulated this.

Gram Panchayats should form in such way that it should not lead to any litigation in the courts. We are forming this through the legislation. There are 8684 Gram Panchayats now and another 4000 may be added,” the CM observed.

“We are victories in many things but could not keep our villages clean and neat. There is a wide spread criticism on this. Is this necessary? We have to create a working Panchayat Raj network. We have taken several measures and are taking many for this.

We are debating on whether direct or indirect elections. How to make a sarpanch, a working sarpanch? In the past, the district Collector used to have several powers over the Panchayat. Now there is no control. We should come out of this helplessness situation. Panchayat Raj was a great movement and this had gone now.

Every village has now become a garbage dump yard. Against background, what responsibilities should be given to the Panchayat? we have to think. In this context, we are planning to get amendments to the Municipality Act,” the CM said.

Stating that the state has the knack of undertaking mammoth tasks and an iron will to achieve anything, the CM told the Collectors about several victorious programmes that the government is implementing. Explaining further the CM said,” We have successfully completed the Comprehensive family Survey in one day. We have overcome the power crisis and are able to give 24-hour power supply to the farm sector now.

We have found solution at the shortest time possible for the drinking water problem. We have purified, rectified and updated the land records in 100 days time. For this people are 100 percent satisfied. They are saying that the government came to their doorstep and rectified their records there by projecting their lands and without any corruption.

Though several have expressed their doubts over the Sheep distribution scheme, 35 lakh Sheep were distributed. With the newborn baby Sheep, there are 50 Lakh Sheep in the State. “

“We have taken several measures to mitigate the difficulties of farmers. We have eradicated fake seeds and took stringent action against those supplying the fake seeds and spurious fertilisers. Ours is the only State that is giving Rs 8000 per acre input subsidy to the farmers.

PM Modi has appreciated the scheme. Farmers Coordination Committees are formed to get MSP to the farmers. These Committees are formed at the village and mandal levels now. These Committees will help the farmers to get their produce to market and sell them at the MSP. Through these Committees Crop Colonies policy is being introduced. More than 2,600 AEOs are appointed. Mandal AEO are being trained as Agronomists.

We will go in crops, which will give more yields. The Coordination Committee members will discuss with the licensed buyer or Commission agent and decide on the MSP before the produce is moved to the market.

Farmers will come to the market with their produce in a phased manner instead of swarming the market at once and this will also help them to sell their produce easily and get the price. The government will take note of the problems of the 71,75,096 Farmers’ Accounts,” the CM assured.

TS Govt to constitute Finance Commission

“We will constitute a state-level Finance Commission. We will allocate Rs 2,000 in the State Budget. We are examining the possibility of conducting election in February. Guidelines for the elections we will incorporate in the Bill to be introduced in the Legislature.

State Budget Sessions will be held from March 12. The government will provide funds of Rs 5 Lakh for the small panchayats (having 500 population), next Panchayat Rs 10 Lakh, based on the category there on Rs 15 Lakh, Rs 20 Lakh and upto Rs 25 Lakh is given. Taxes will be collected cent percent. We will utilise the funds from the Central Finance Commission.

We will create assets with NREGA funds. We will also utilise MLA and MP funds for the village development. If we aim and work, clean and healthy rural Telangana is possible,” the CM said. (INN)

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