Economist Surbramanian pats TS Govt for land records updation

Hyderabad: Arvind Subramanian, the Chief Economic Advisor to the Government of India, described the Lands Records Updation Program of Telangana State as the “Heart of Good Governance” and should be studied as a case study by the world-famous Harvard University.

He also suggested that the details of KCR Kits program launched and being successfully implemented in the state should be briefed to the Government of India and said that it should become a learning point for other states as well as to the whole country.

He also suggested that the cheque distribution program towards investment support scheme for agriculture which would be formally launched on April 20, 2018 should be made as a nation-wide event and he would be honoured to be present on that day.

Subramanian, who is on a visit to Hyderabad, called on Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao and had a meeting with him for about two and half hours. Earlier CM hosted a lunch to Subramanian at his residence.

Finance Minister Etela Rajender, Chief Advisor to Government Rajiv Sharma, Advisor GR Reddy, Chief Secretary SK Joshi, DGP Mahender Reddy, MP Balka Suman, MLC and Whip Palla Rajeshwar Reddy, CMO Principal Secretaries S Narsing Rao and Shanti Kumari, Principal Secretary Finance Ramakrishna Rao and others were present in the meeting.

In the meeting, initiating the discussion CM through Google maps briefed about Kaleshwaram irrigation lift project, the reservoirs coming-up, the barrages that are being built, the pump houses and said that about 2600 workers are working in three shifts to complete the project as per schedule.

CM explained to Mr Subramanian how meticulously the projects were designed and said that once the Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation, Palamoor Lift Irrigation and Sitarama projects were completed the Telangana farmer will grow 2crops and an intelligent farmer might grow three crops also.

The agriculture production after completion of projects and once the water is given, would be almost equal to the state budget and would be to a tune of Rs 1,25,000 Crores.

The Chief Minister told Subramanian that all these years no government has ever bothered about the farmer as well as the agriculture allied sectors like sheep rearing, poultry, fishery etc.

CM also mentioned that the biggest problem of farmer is to be in the unorganized format which has now been overcome with the formation of Farmer Coordination Committees which will be functional and active.

CM said that regional conferences of Farmer Coordination Committees will be held this month on 25 and 26 in Hyderabad and Karimnagar. Referring to crop colonies concept the Chief Minister told Mr Subramanian that the country needs to be split into crop colonies based on agro-climatic conditions at different places and the Telangana state is at it.

Touching upon Sheep Distribution Scheme, the CM said that for the 30-lakh sheep breeding families in the state he has designed a program through which already 50 lakh sheep have been distributed which gave birth to nearly 18 lakh lambs. The idea is to reverse the present scenario of importing 650 lorries of sheep for meet to and start exporting meet.

KCR also explained the reasons for deciding on Investment Support Scheme for agriculture. He said that the whole farming community was in distress and to come to their help the scheme has been conceived. He also briefed about the genesis, need and concept of land records updation program.

The details like registration process in future, mutation process, about Dharani project for computerization of records, about distribution of pattaadar pass books on March 11, 2018 and how the whole process was done in a transparent way.

During the meeting, the Chief Minister brought to the notice of Subramanian that disincentivizing a growing state by the Government of India is a not a wise thing. He said that the growth of a growing state implies certainly as the growth of the nation. He said that states should be allowed to take more role and said that there can be a case study on this to arrive at a decision.

He also said that Government of India should push the states forward and should give more liberty to states so that nation will be benefited. CM also expressed the view that some of the subjects like agriculture, rural development could be totally transferred to states since the state’s requirement varies from state to state.

CM also expressed the view that the local bodies are to be strengthened and these institutions are made to work. Referring to the CAMPA funds that were collected from states and kept in the bank, CM said that these are to be rolled back to the respective states as per their entitlement for green cover development.

A power point presentation was also made to Subramanian on Telangana State Initiatives and achievements during the last 44 months. It is mentioned that the Vision of the state is to make it a Bangaru Telangana.

The presentation among others mentioned about; state profile, State growth of GSDP, per capita income, growth in own tax revenue saying it is the highest in the country, mobilizing financial resources for development, substantial increase in budget, schemes pertaining to agriculture, welfare measures, on education and residential schools etc.

When Chief Minister explained about KCT Kit scheme saying that it is basically to reduce IMR and MMR as well as prevent pregnant women from going to work and as a gap-bridging activity to save their wage loss, Subramanian evinced keen interest and wanted to have a look at the kit. CM had not only shown as desired by him but also explained in detail about the scheme.

DGP Mahender Reddy made a presentation on public safety in the state. (INN)

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