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NALSAR Gears Up for First Ever TEDx at its Campus Today

Students of NALSAR University of Law set the stage for famous TEDx event, which is scheduled to start today at 4.00 pm at its campus in Justice City, Shamirpet.

The program, titled ‘TEDxNalsarUniversity’, is a first ever TEDx event for NALSAR. Entry is free for all at the event, which will be held in the university’s auditorium.

Speaking about TEDxNalsarUniversity, event head organizer Sarala Sameera Morusupalli said her team and she are hosting the very first edition of it today.

“Come down for an amazing experience and some pretty thought provoking talks and ideas presented by our diverse speaker set from all over the country! ” she announced on her Facebook page.

Commenting about the event earlier, Sidharth Chauhan,¬†Asst. Professor at NALSAR said: “Our students are organising a TEDx event on April 20, 2016 (Wednesday). It will be held in the recently inaugurated auditorium on campus (4 pm onwards) and is open to all.”

Talks at TEDx Nalsar University

“Kathak and Empowerment” by an internationally renowned Kathak dancer, Anjana Gupta

“I am a Dalit. I am Queer. I am Proud.” by queer feminist and NALSAR alumnus, Akhil Kang

“Smart Cities, and how you can help turn them into a reality.” by sustainability thinker and innovator Karuna Gopal

“Achieving the Super Human within yourself.” by revolutionary motivational speaker, and survivor from an accident that left him 95% paralyzed, but stronger than ever Girish Gogia- The Positive Man

“Life behind the camera lens.” by photographer enthusiast and expert, Namrata Motihar Rupani

“Perspectives of a Trans-gendered person within the Indian context” by Vyjayanti Vasanta Mogli and Karthik Bittu Kondaiah.

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