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UPSC Topper Anudeep Durishetty Symbolizes ‘The Great Middle Class Indian Dream’

A large chunk of India’s population is middle class. They dominate as the working class of the country. They derive the economy through their sheer strength and skills. What it likes to come from the middle class and achieve big?

A dreamer and achiever from India’s middle class, Anudeep Durishetty opened up about his dream, education, work and life struggle during a conversation with novelist Sriram Karri in Hyderabad on Wednesday.

Introducing Anudeep to the audience in the Hyd Park event, Karri said the UPSC top ranker symbolizes great middle class Indian dream.

“The great Indian dream or great middle class Indian dream is somebody from extremely modest background… comes up, studies, performs well academically and gets on to the highest position of life possible.”

Anudeep hails from a small town in Jagatial district of Telangana. Before getting the coveted rank in the most challenging of India’s exams, he did engineering from BITS Pilani, worked for Google and then joined Indian Revenue Services.

Speaking at the event in Phoenix Arena, the UPSC top ranker defined his success as attempts to improve himself by giving his best shot.

He said he loved cricket, but never felt he was the greatest batsman or bowler. At the same time, he said he always gives his 100 percent to whatever he does, including playing a cricket match.

“I always believed that I should give best in this particular match…when I lose I would be disappointed of course but come back stronger next weekend and remember the mistakes I did.

“I think that mindset helped me subconsciously throughout. It was not like I wanted to top the civil services, and become an IAS officer,” he recollected.

The young IAS candidate from Metpally is hailed as the pride of India’s youngest state Telangana.

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