TS Police to use Facial Recognition System to prevent, detect crime

Hyderabad: Telangana Police is now equipped with yet another powerful tool “Facial Recognition System” integrated with TSCOP, which will aid the Investigation Officers in prevention of crime and Identification of criminals/ suspects across the State in real time at lightning speed.

This tool allows all the Investigation Officers to identify potential offenders by comparing person’s face (Live) with lakhs of digital photographs that are stored in CCTNS central database including Offenders, Wanted persons, Missing persons and also photographs of arrested offenders published in the Media.

The central database of photographs will be updated regularly through CCTNS implemented in all the Police Stations across the State, informed Telangana DGP Mahender Reddy on Thursday.

When the Person’s Face (Live) or a Photograph is fed into the system, then the Face (Live) or photograph will be compared with the aforesaid central database containing lakhs of photographs, the matches of photographs will be ranked in descending order in a few seconds.

The Investigation Officers then carry out manual comparison of matched photographs and proceed for further confirmation using other information and appropriate action will be initiated thereafter.

The photographs of persons that do not match with the central database will automatically be discarded immediately and shall not be stored anywhere in the system.

Facial Recognition System is an integral feature of TSCOP mobile App for assisting Investigation Officers for delivering effective and efficient services to citizens and thereby improve responsiveness.

Functional features of FRS include regular maintenance of image database categorized as Active Offenders / Suspects/ Missing persons, and Wanted persons (1,00,000+ images); Regular update of central database with the photographs of Wanted Persons published on websites of various Law Enforcement agencies; Images of the arrested persons published in media will be regularly updated in respective category of the central database.

The System matches the live / photograph of a person fed into the system against the suspect images already stored in the central database.

It retrieves the matched images and rank in the descending order for further validation. It provides the searched photo and matched photo from the central database displayed side by side for comparison and confirmation in real time. Unmatched photographs of the persons will not be stored in the central database.

The face or photograph search will be done in the central database and results are provided in the respective category in real time.

The Facial Recognition System can be accessed directly from the mobile devices through TSCOP Mobile Application available with Investigation Officers. M/s Value Pitch & WinC have been the technology partners.

Telangana Police is the first State in the country to leverage the power of Facial Recognition Technologies in prevention and detection of crimes in real time at lightning speed by making it available to all Investigation officers delivering Citizen Services at the cutting edge level, through integration with TSCOP App.

This will enable and empower the Telangana Police to improve the standards of Safety and Security in the Community at large, the DGP said.

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