Special Campaign Day for voters’ enrolment tomorrow

Hyderabad: GHMC Commissioner and Hyderabad District Electoral Officer M. Dana Kishore informed that a Special Campaign Day is being organized on Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM at all the designated Polling Station Locations.

All the Booth Level Officers will be stationed at their respective polling station locations from 10 AM to 5.00 PM along with copies of electoral rolls Finally Published on 12.10.2018 under 2nd Summary Revision of Electoral Rolls, 2018 with reference to 01.01.2018 as qualifying date.

All the Electors/citizens of Hyderabad District have been asked to avail this opportunity to verify their names / polling station in the final electoral rolls at their respective designated polling station locations during Special Campaign Day on November 4.

The un-enrolled eligible citizens can submit Form-6 to the Booth Level officers for enrolment as voters.

They can also file Form-6 online (10) days before the last date of receipt of nominations ie., 09.11.2018 in the CEO website (INN)

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