Youth must play active role in increasing voting percentage: DEO

Hyderabad: GHMC Commissioner and Hyderabad District Electoral Officer (DEO) M. Dana Kishore said that youth and students must play a very vital role to increase the polling percentage for the ensuing elections.

The DEO interacted with the students of Muffakamjah College, Banjara Hills where he has participated as chief guest in an awareness programme.

While interacting with the students, the DEO said that despite 90% literacy in Hyderabad, the average polling percentage in previous elections was only 53%.

Dana Kishore said that the Hyderabad’s polling percentage of 53% was much less when compared Telangana State’s average voting of 71%. Therefore, he said there was a need to increase the polling percentage for the ensuing elections.

The DEO appealed the students who have completed 18 years of age as on 01.01.2018 to get enrolled in the elector rolls through online or by contacting their concerned EROs. He said by casting their votes, the youth and students could choose the right government for overall development of the city.

Voting is a very valuable and everyone must feel the responsibility to cast their vote to increase the polling percentage, he said.

The GHMC is taking up lot of innovative awareness programmes to increase polling percentage and on 7th of December every student and every citizen must participate in the polling, he said.

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