GHMC to provide facilities for 14,000 disabled voters

Hyderabad: GHMC Commissioner and Hyderabad DEO M. Dana Kishore said that as per the directions of the ECI this time elections much more importance is being given for the persons with disabilities to have a accessible and easy elections to cast their vote without any inconvenience.

On 10th of October when electoral rolls were published there were only 6700 disabled voters and it has been observed that around 14,000 disabled voters are there, these persons have been identified with the help of UCD wing officials and till now around 8000 persons names have been included in the electoral rolls and still 6000 more to be added to this number.

The DEO held a meeting with ‘Vote Hyderabad Forum for Good Governance’ along with other NGOs today at HMWS&SB office.

Even VAADA App, first of its kind in the country, has been introduced for the disabled persons for overall accessible to cast their vote without any difficulty, using this app with modern technology even Nodal Officers have been deployed to Escort them during the polling process.

With regard to Electoral Rolls which have been published on 1oth of October later on one lakh applications received which are in process to enroll their names on priority said the DEO.

This time elections are being conducted using modern technology, around 3 lakhs voters have participated in the awareness campaign held on EVMs and VVPATs. For clear transparency and free and fair poll without any mall practices etc.,

C-vigil app has also been introduced for the convenience of the voters who can avail this app to post their grievances, videos etc., for immediate necessary action. The final electoral rolls will be published by 19th of November, said the DEO.

It has been observed around 20,000 disabled voters have been indentified out of which 14,000 are being enrolled. In all the Polling Stations web casting is being provided. Though 90% literacy is there out of which only 53% polling has been observed in the last elections.

The DEO stated that it’s unfortunate to note that 20% of the Polling stations are below 20% of polling percentage. The voters slips will be distributed before 2 to 3 days of polling day, so far Rs. 17.65 crores have been seized by the concerned officials.

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