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People must question MIM on lack of development in Old City: Congress

Hyderabad: Accusing the MIM of completely neglecting the areas that its represented in Assembly, the Congress party appealed the common people to question MIM President Asaduddin Owaisi and his party MLAs on their failures in bringing any development in the Old City of Hyderabad.

“MIM has been winning elections in Old City since 1961. It entered the Assembly in 1962 and Parliament in 1984. People of Old City have voted for MIM in all the municipal elections held since 1961 and the party had six Mayors. Despite enjoying total dominance in Old City politics, MIM did nothing for the people of this region.

Almost all areas lack basic amenities and the conditions of people living here have turned from bad to worse. It seems that the MIM leaders seek votes from people of Old City as a reward for their oratory skills and not to serve people,”

said Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) Minorities Dept Chairman Shaik Abdullah Sohail who led Congress party’s padayatra in Bahadurpura and Chandrayangutta constituencies on Thursday.

The Congress leaders launched their padayatra in Bahadurpura constituency after offering prayers at Dargah Hazrath Shah Raju Qattal (RA).

They held door-to-door campaign and had one-on-one interactions with the people enroute. They also spoke to local traders, vendors, students and youth. The padayatra came to an end at Kishan Bagh. Similarly, padayatra in Chandrayangutta was held from Barkas Jama Masjid to Peeli Dargah.

Besides Abdullah Sohail, TPCC Spokesperson Syed Nizamuddin, Kaleemuddin Baba, Meraj Mohammed, Sajid Shareef, Salam Hamdi, Sayeed Bin Hajath, Arif Sultan and other senior leaders and hundreds of Congerss party took part in the padayatra.

Speaking on the occasion, Abdullah Sohail appealed to the people to realise the power of their votes. “You’ve been voting for MIM blindly for the last several decades with the hope that they would resolve your problems. But you must realise the fact that you’ve been cheated.

MIM is apparently the only party which never came up with any manifesto and never behaved in a responsible and accountable manner with the people.

They only entertained you with fiery speeches and betrayed you. Owaisi brothers have turned billionaires due to the power of your votes but you remained where you were 57 years ago,” he said.

Abdullah Sohail said there were no basic amenities in the Old City areas and MIM did nothing to resolve them. There are no proper roads, power supply, drainage system and continuous neglect has turned a majority of people in Old City sick.

Referring to the Health Surveys of 2017-18 done by some NGOs, he pointed out that nearly 3/4th of TB cases in Telangana were reported from urban slums of the Old City with high minority population.

He said 40% of the new TB patients from Muslim minority are less than 25 years of age. He said of 11,000 cases of Cancer reported in Telangana, as many as 1914 cases were recorded from the minority community in which Hyderabad district recorded 51% of them and 90% of cases in 2017 in Hyderabad are from Old city area.

The Congress leader also informed that in Head & Neck Cancers, 70% of the patients are from Muslim community between 30 and 60 years due to high consumption of chewable tobacco. “Everyone knows that the entire Gutkha business is operated and patronised by MIM leaders,” he said.

Further, he said the poor quality of drinking water in Old City has been causing incidences of kidney stones among the residents of Old City. According to Sudhir Committee report only 26.1% of the children between 6 – 23 months belonging to Muslim community receive adequate diet. Nearly 60-65 % of children below 5 years in Muslim minority are not immunised, he said.

“These are not political allegations. This is the reality which no one can deny. Owaisi brothers enjoy giving long speeches on national and international issues. But they never speak about the real problems being faced by people who are voting for them unquestionably since several decades. MIM leaders never addressed the problem of rising unemployment among youth.

They never expressed any concern over lack of civic infrastructure in the Old City. They simply want the people to enjoy their meaningless criticism on their opponents and vote for them again.

This must be stopped. If people fail to question MIM in this election, then they won’t get an opportunity to protect the lives of their future generations,” Abdullah Sohail said while appealing the people to give Congress party an opportunity to serve them. (INN)

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