GHMC chief inspects Jawaharnagar dumping yard

Hyderabad: GHMC Commissioner M. Dana Kishore has inspected Jawaharnagar dumping yard where capping works are being taken up. Nearly 13 million tonnes of garbage is dumped at the Jawaharnagar dumping yard, spread across 135 acres of land.

The capping process has been inspected by EPTRI Director General Kalyan Chakravarthi, Addl. Commissioner N. Ravi Kiran, Retired CCF Chaterji along with the GHMC Commissioner.

Goutham Reddy, an official from RAMKY group has given a power point presentation duly explaining the process of entire project to the Commissioner.

He also briefed the Commissioner about the project and said that this type of process and having such a vast area no other city in the Country is taking up such project said the Ramky official.

The city is having an extent of 625 kms of area the garbage which is producing every day is being dumped in the Jawaharnagar dumping yard since 2002 for which lot of problems and health hazards are being faced by the nearby residents of that area.

Though several times most of the people have objected to control the health hazards which are being faced some of them also placed the matter at the green tribunal. After formation of the Telangana State at present the Jawaharnagar dumping yard such type of pollution and other hazards are being controlling through capping process as per the directions of the Ex-Municipal Minister Sri K.T. Rama Rao.

The project is costing around Rs. 144 crores to this effect a G.O has been issued in March 2018 total works have to be taken in six phases out of which first phase capping works have been completed. In and around areas of the Jawaharnagar 6000 tonns of clay has been covered in the entire dumping yard nearly 90% of the smell has been reduced.

The second phase of capping has been started where Geosynthetic clay lining works have been started by June 2019 end total capping works will be completed by the Solid Waste Management and it is one of its kind in the entire country.

GHMC Mayor Dr. B. Rammohan has taken lot of interest for the works which are being taken up and the process are being done in a time bound manner. Hyderabad Integrated Solid Waste Management organization has been taken up these capping works.

Later the Commissioner along with the team have also inspected producing the manure through garbage, plastic recycling unit, leechet cleaning machines and other units have also been inspected. (INN)

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