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‘Nyay’ scheme will benefit over 50 lakh people in TS: Sravan

Hyderabad: All India Congress Committee (AICC) Spokesperson Dr. Dasoju Sravan said that the ‘Nyuntam Aay Yojana (Nyay), the Minimum Income Guarantee scheme proposed by Congress president Rahul Gandhi would prove to be a master stroke in eradication of poverty from India.

“In a single stroke, nearly 20% poorest families in the country will be taken out from the Below Poverty Line mark by providing them Rs. 72,000 per annum,” Sravan said while addressing a press conference at Gandhi Bhavan on Tuesday. He said the scheme would benefit about 5 crore families and 25 crore individuals directly.

He said almost 2.75 crore out of 3.5 crore people in Telangana are in BPL category and therefore, more than 50 lakh poor people from Telangana would benefit from the scheme which would be implemented if Congress party is voted to power at the Centre in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.

“This is a unique scheme wherein eradication of poverty is being dealt in an unprecedented manner. Nowhere in the world has this kind of approach been adopted to eradicate poverty. Therefore, it is world’s largest poverty eradication proramme,” he said.

Sravan strongly condemned the BJP leaders for criticising the proposed scheme. “Rahul Gandhi has drafted the scheme after a thorough research and analysis.

All economic and social factors were taken into consideration to give ‘Nyay’ scheme a universal shape to benefit all poor families irrespective of their caste, religion or region. But BJP leaders are unable to digest the fact that the Minimum Income Guarantee scheme will prove to be a revolutionary measure.

BJP leaders had given the same reaction when Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MNREGS) was launched. But today no one can deny the impact of NREGS on rural population and their economy as it has brought over 14 crore people out of poverty,” he said.

The Congress leader said the previous Congress-led UPA Government had implemented several revolutionary schemes like MNREGS to improve the lives of poor people. Similarly, ‘Nyay’ scheme will ensure justice for poor by giving them an opportunity to come out of Below Poverty Line.

He appealed to the people to take a wise decision in electing their representatives for Lok Sabha. “At one side, we have Prime Narender Modi who cheated the people with fake promises of giving 2 crore jobs, depositing Rs. 15 lakh in each account and ruined the entire economy through demonitisation and Gabbar Singh Tax (GST).

He snatched money from the poor and gave it to his about 15 richest friends and allowed scamsters like Nirav Modi, Mehul Chowksi, Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallayya, etc., to flee the country along with people’s money. On the other side, we have Rahul Gandhi who is seriously working for the welfare of the poor and wants to eradicate poverty.

Therefore, people must elect Congress candidates to make Rahul Gandhi the next Prime Minister of India,” he said.

Sravan said that the TRS era would come to an end soon. He said Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao had won the last Assembly elections through EVM manipulations and other irregularities. However, the results of MLC elections show that TRS has entered the rejection zone.

Congress leader and former minister T. Jeevan Reddy has won the Adilabad-Karimnagar-Nizamabad-Medak MLC seat under graduates’ quota.

Similarly, TRS-backed candidates have lost from Warangal-Khammam-Nalgonda and Medak-Nizamabad-Adilabad, Karimnagar Teachers’ Constituencies. He said the results clearly show that people are now looking for a change and they would vote in favour of Congress candidates in Lok Sabha elections.

He reminded that the entire development in Telangana, especially in and around Hyderabad, came only during the Congress rule.

He said TRS Government did not add anything to the city or State, but only ruined the infrastructure which was created by previous Congress regime. (INN)

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