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Irregularities in Inter Exams: SIO demands transparency

Results of Board of Intermediate Education (BIE) released few days ago was marred with irregularities, observed SIO Telangana.

The student organization said in a press note that intermediate students from across the state raised voices regarding the irregularities in the results.

“SIO Telangana conducted a survey and called people to send their grievances to us.”

“We have received response from thousands of students and found out there are many irregularities like:

1. Even after students attempted the exam, it is displayed as absent in the results sheet for few

2. It was unexpected and shocking for Few students who had good background of academic excellence, and scored 80-90% in the current exam and previous exam but scored single Digit marks in 1 or 2 subjects.”


Below are its demands:

SIO Demands Telangana government and BIE:
1. To come out and keep the citizens informed regarding the goof ups that happened and what are the steps taken by the administration.
2. To decrease the fees of Recounting, re verification and refund the supplementary fee if passed after Recounting or re verification (for whoever applied)
3. To investigate the irregularities and take strict action against the culprits.
4. To extend the dates of application for Recounting, re verification and supplies.
6. To complete this process as soon as possible and announce the results of the students.
7. We demand investigative committee to give daily briefings and update the citizens on the proceedings of the issue.
8. To make sure that the online application website is in working condition 24/7. As many complaints are received that website is not functional at many places.

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