SIO forms human chain around the churches in hyderabad, greets devotees with flowers and cakes

Hyderabad: After math of deadly attacks in srilanka at churches which took hundreds of innocent lives and created an environment of fear and grief, Muslim Students and youth gathered at various churches to share love, warmth and express solidarity,

support and stand with our brethren during these tough times with a message that no force can break this brotherhood.

On the call of SIO hyderabad Students and youth visited St. George’s Grammar School Church, Rosery Convent school Church and Wesley Church.

On this occasion Br. Fatir Hassan, City President SIO Hyderabad addressing the visitors and Media condemned the deadly attack and said, “these attacks aim to instill fear and break us but today we want to say it loud and clear that we are together and will always stand together in all the times sharing love and brotherhood.”

Along with Fatir Hassan (City President SIO Hyd), Faizan Ahmad (PR Secretary SIO Hyd), Hammad (Professionals Solidarity forum), Mirza Yawar Baig and many others were present.

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