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KCR Iftar Party in Nizam Grounds: Congress calls for boycott

Hyderabad, INN: Greater Hyderabad Congress Committee chairman Shaik Abdullah Sohail has appealed to the Muslim community to boycott the Iftar party being hosted by Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao on June 26.

In a media statement, Abdullah Sohail said that the TRS Government has been trying to distract the attention of Muslim community from its failure to provide 12% Muslim reservation.

“Iftar parties and distribution of free clothes among a few poor Muslims are aimed at silencing the rising anger of Muslim community towards the TRS Government.”

“KCR had promised to give 12% Muslim reservation within four month after coming to power. He also promised to judicial powers to Wakf Board and made several other promises during the last two years. None of the promises made by TRS Government has been fulfilled. KCR is hosting these Iftar parties only to divert the attention from these failures,” he said.

Abdullah Sohail said that the TRS Government has been cheating the entire Muslim community at a large scale with no fear of any consequences. Only for namesake, TRS Government has been allocating more than Rs. 1,000 crore in State budgets for minorities’ welfare since 2014-15. However, the government did not release even 50% of the allocated amounts during the last two years. This year too, the Minorities Welfare Department has been starving for funds.

Several schemes have remained on paper and lack of funds has been affecting the future of Muslim students. Instead of taking steps to release the allocated amount of Rs. 1200 crore for Minorities Welfare, KCR wants to manage by spending a few crores on Ramzan sops despite the fact that he himself holds the portfolio of Minorities Welfare, he said.

“Muslims are not beggars. We are not seeking any Alms from the government. We are asking for our rightful share in jobs and education. KCR should stop playing the tricks of Iftar parties and deliver what he promised during elections,” demanded Abdullah Sohail.

He also strongly criticised TRS Government for choosing June 26 as the date for Iftar party. He said that the date was deliberately choose so as to hurt the sentiments of all Muslims, especially those belonging to Shia community. “The martyrdom day of fourth Caliph Hazrath Ali (RA) falls on June 26 and despite repeated requests for change in date, TRS Government did not respond.

This is nothing but an attempt to deviate the Muslim community from its basic beliefs and traditions. Instead of mourning the martyrdom of Hazrath Ali (RA) on June 26, KCR Government wants a selection to celebrate the Iftar party. This will create rift within the Muslim community on basis of Shias and Sunni,” he said.

Abdullah Sohail appealed to the common Muslims to boycott the Iftar party being organised by the TRS Government at Nizam College Ground and at all other mosques across the Telangana State.

“KCR is trying to insult the entire community by making a few hundred poor Muslims stand in queue for Ramzan kits. Similarly, he wants the Imams and Maozans, who enjoys great respect within the community, to queue up to collect a small sum of Rs. 1,000. Muslims must understand the psychological and mind game being played by RSS-minded KCR. They must boycott Iftar parties and all other programmes and insist only for 12% Muslim reservation,” he said.

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