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Islamic seminary for girls opens in Tolichowki

A new Islamic seminary for Muslim girls was opened today in Tolichowki area of Hyderabad to promote religious education among girls.

Inaugurating the new branch of Jamia Riyaz-us-Salehat, renowned Islamic scholar Mohammed Yusuf Islahi highlighted the importance of women’s education.

He said that the blend of worldly education with knowledge of divine revelation was the need of the hour.

“The education that gets one closer to creator is the best education one can attain,” Maulana Yusuf Islahi noted in his address at the Islamic Center in Tolichowki.

Along with Maulana Islahi, a line scholars from Hyderabad addressed the audience in the inaugural program and pressed on establishing institutions that promote Islamic teachings of peace, justice and divinity.

Notable among the guests were Mufti Sadiq Mohiuddin Faheem, Prof. Mohsin Usmani, Mufti Mahboob Shareef Nizami, Maulana Aijaz Mohiuddin Waseem, Azharuddin, Rashaduddin and Tanvir-ul-Haq.

Located on 7 Tombs Road in Islamic Center, Jamia Riyaz us Salehat offers following courses: Hifz, Aidadia, Aalima, Fazila and a Bridge Course. For further details, contact: 810 600 1244.

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