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Judiciously use subsidy loan amount: Nampally MLA Meraj to beneficiaries

Nampally legislator Mr.Jaffer Hussain Meraj asked the 100% subsidy loan beneficiaries to use the loan amount judiciously and do better for their families and thus to the nation.

He was speaking after distributing the cheques among beneficiaries under Economic Support Scheme at Haj House here on Saturday.

He said on this occasion that it would benefit the Minority community youth to succeed in their life. He added that earlier people used to struggle for getting little loans and could not get the support of bankers.

He claimed that Telangana Government approved the proposals of MIM to release the loan amount to the minority beneficiaries.

TSMFC chairman Mr. Syed Akbar Hussain on this occasion said that it was the unique scheme for the minorities and it would help the poor and small businessmen to thrive and carry out their businesses freely.

He said that it was the precious gift of the State government to the minorities.

District Minorities Welfare Office(DMWO), Hyderabad and TS Minorities Finance Corporation (TSMFC) has jointly organized a cheque distribution program for the beneficiaries belonging to Minority communities under the Economic Support Scheme of Government of Telangana on July 20 at Haj House.

Beneficiaries from Nampally constituency have received their banker cheques during the program. Cheques for the beneficiaries of other areas in the Hyderabad district were disbursed to the respective zonal offices (South and Central zone) and those will be distributed thereafter.

DMWO, Hyderabad Mr. Mohammed Qasim on this occasion thanked the district collector and other higher officials for making the event successful and lending all the necessary help for the distribution of cheques.

He said that this was the unique and one of a kind scheme of the Telangana Government for the welfare of Minorities in the state and more number of cheques will be distributed in coming days.

About 81 beneficiaries from Nampally Assembly Constituency received their cheques during the program.

There are 369 candidates approved to be benefited from the scheme. Gunfoundry Corporator Mamatha Gupta and others attended the event.

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