Human greed and unsustainable lifestyles have disturbed ecological balance: HMRL MD

Hyderabad: Inaugurating an international conference on “Sustainability in Built Environment” in Hyderabad today, Hyderabad Metro Rail Ltd Managing Director NVS Reddy explained to a large gathering of architects as to how human greed and unsustainable life styles have disturbed the ecological balance.

Stating that population explosion, lavish consumption patterns, inequitable growth and mass poverty are causing large scale environmental destruction in terms of climate change, depletion of ozone layer, air & water pollution, acid rain, urban flooding, loss of biodiversity, extinction of several species, etc., the MD emphasized on the need to adopt sustainable engineering and architectural designs and practices.

Stressing on the importance of innovation to make products and services cost effective and sustainable, NVS Reddy explained some of the cost effective and eco-friendly engineering practices followed in building the world’s largest PPP Metro project in Hyderabad.

He highlighted the usage of 35% fly ash to reduce cement consumption, curing compound to eliminate water usage, unique station design with natural ventilation to reduce energy consumption, opting for elevated Metro system instead of underground system to avoid tunnel ventilation and air-conditioning etc., and stated that they gave sustainable solutions.

He goaded the architects to use eco-friendly and locally available materials; design efficient buildings to reduce water and power consumption; and utilise Artificial Intelligence and IoT (Internet of Things) tools to make both private and public buildings environmentally sustainable.

He also emphasised on the need for cooperation between individuals, institutions, R&D organisations, private companies and government agencies to promote inclusive and sustainable growth and to save the planet earth for future generations.

Past President, Indian Council of Architecture Vijay Garg, Vice Chancellor, Jawaharlal Nehru Fine Arts University Prof. Kavita Daryani Rao, Director, Aurora’s Design Academy Prof. Sandhya Manjunath and several leading architects from India and abroad participated in the conference. (INN)

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