SCR Introduces QR code for quick booking of general tickets

Hyderabad: UTS on mobile APP, introduced for purchasing paperless unreserved tickets, got immense popularization and is steadily increasing day by day, right from the date of introduction.

UTS on Mobile App is one of the major digital avenues implemented by the Zone in taking forward the digitization of Railway services for the convenience of passengers.

To cater the large number of passengers purchasing unreserved tickets on a daily basis for travel by various trains on Indian Railways, South Central Railway has introduced QR (Quick Response) code ticketing. QR codes for all the stations have been created and supplied for display at railway Stations.

This utility facilitates the passengers to book tickets through UTS on Mobile APP within the station premises and also from the areas within the vicinity of One Km radius from the station by scanning the QR code of that station.

SCR General Manager Gajanan Mallya made an appeal to all the rail users to avail the user friendly UTS on mobile App and QR code for purchasing the tickets which will help them to avoid stand in queues at stations and also saves their valuable time.

Faster Booking of UTS tickets through ATVMs:

South Central Railway has introduced a new feature to improve the speed and minimize the transaction time while purchasing UTS Tickets (Unreserved General tickets. Platform tickets and Season tickets etc.,) through ATVMs (Automatic Ticket Vending Machines).

For this purpose, all the ATVMs enabled with fast booking features. With this new feature an UTS ticket can be purchased in any ATVM with two clicks only instead of 7 clicks in normal course.

Accordingly, top 30 destination stations have been defined for each ATVM based on the frequent transactions done through that particular ATVM.

Fast booking of ticket in two clicks is a major value addition in ATVM application, which will reduce the transaction time in selection of journey particulars.

In this option, booking passenger can select fast booking field with first click. Then top 30 frequently used destinations will appear on the screen. Passenger has to select the required destination with the second click. Then the required ticket will be generated. (INN)

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