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Hyderabad Police bans remote-controlled flying objects

Hyderabad: As precautionary measures in view of the arrest of five modules of ISIS by the NIA in Old City, the Hyderabad police has banned flying of remotely controlled drones or para-gliders or remotely controlled Micro-Light aircraft in the Hyderabad City Police limits.

Police Commissioner M. Mahendar Reddy has stated that inputs from Intelligence agencies have been received about the possibility of attacks by terrorist/anti-social elements by the use of para-gliders, drones, Micro-Light aircraft and so on to disturb the peace and pose danger to human life, health, safety and damage to public property on that account.

The Commissioner said there had been an increasing trend by event organizers to use drones for getting aerial views for live telecasts and photography of various events.

But he said now there was a need to check the activities of anti-social elements and prevent the attacks through remote-controlled devices.

The order will be in force from July 8 to August 7, he added. (INN)

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