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Congress demands TRS Govt to be honest on minority budget

Hyderabad: City Congress Minorities Chairman Sameer Waliullah stated that the budget allocation for Minorities Welfare in the state is proving shallow each year ever since the TRS Government came to power in the State. The same is evident in the recent state budget where allocation was cut short to only Rs 1,518 crore for minorities.

Unfortunately, the budget proposal for Minorities Welfare is not even 1 % of the total state budget and it shows the sincerity of the government in this regard.

He said that TRS had announced to upgrade about 71 Minorities Residential Schools into Junior Colleges this year but the budget allocations do not support this announcement.

He questioned as to how the State government would establish the Junior Colleges without sufficient funds for the minorities welfare. He said that KCR has been hoodwinking the minorities by taking up some superficial measures for the minorities.

Sameer said that there was no separate minister for Minorities in the previous cabinet that threw the minority welfare department to the winds. He further said that the percentage of expenditure from the allocated budget did not even cross 50% during the past few years.

In the financial year 2018-19, state government had allocated Rs 1,973.41 crore of which only Rs 703.24 crore were spent making it only 36.6% of the total allocation.

Similarly, Rs 1367 crore were allocated for the year 2019-20 but most of the allocated budget lapsed due to non-utilization. He asked the Chief Minister as to what was the point in allocation if the funds are not utilized for the Minorities welfare.

He said that budget allocation for minorities was high on announcement and low on delivery or spending. All the schemes pertaining to Minorities would be affected because of the lower allocation of funds coupled with lesser use of the allocated budget in the coming days. He demanded the state government to be genuine in delivering the minorities welfare schemes. (INN)

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