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Being Youth Ever – I Can, You Can, We Can!

S M Fasiullah for Hyderabad Youth Mirror #

Behind every revolution there are youth. Every war is powered by youth. Many adventurous projects across the world are carried out by youth. They are the power house of energy. Ask an elderly person, he will tell you what it means to be young and energetic. But not all youth do wonders and get a place in history books.

Those youngsters, who understand the significance of this age group called “youth’’, set a higher goal for themselves and consistently pursue their goal with hard work and strong determination, are actual winners. Proper guidance, constant motivation and rigorous training are required to achieve any goal and emerge victorious.

This very idea to inspire youth has motivated us to come up with a new magazine “Hyderabad Youth Mirror”, particularly to cater to youth of the city. Nevertheless, it is for all youngsters who have a spark in their hearts to do something for themselves and the society.

Therefore understanding ‘youth’ beforehand is crucial. A Turkish scholar Nursi once said: “Youth will certainly pass. If it is wasted in indulgences, it will result in thousands of misfortunes and pains both in this world and the next.”

In order to better utilize our youth, we need to stop and think; what potential do we have, where we are heading towards and where we would like to go. Do we have a well-planned goal set for ourselves to achieve?  Answers to these questions may not be easy to find. Ask your family members, friends, teachers and counselor to know in which areas you are good at. Then plan for a goal to achieve and invest your energy and time with dedication and determination. After all these efforts, hope for success to touch your feet.

Above all, your positive attitude to do something matters a lot. Build an attitude of the achiever, while taming your ego. Being a youth myself I can achieve my goals; so you can and everyone can. Let’s start today, for the change to inspire others. “Where others flinch, rash youth will dare!”

At last, if our new magazine proved to be even a small help to youngsters in anyway then our team would claim that our humble attempt is justified.

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