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Congress demands a special relief package for rain victims in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Congress senior leader and former Chairman of Hyderabad Congress Minorities Department Sameer Waliullah on Tuesday demanded a special relief package for those affected due to heavy rains in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

Sameer Waliullah, in a media statement, said that several colonies and residential areas got inundated due to heavy rains in the last three weeks. He said several areas, especially those located near Musi River, were submerged fully or partially. Thousands of residents living in ‘kacha’ (temporary) houses suffered damage to the structures. Except for extending a little help to the families who were shifted to relief camps, the Telangana Government did not announce any financial assistance to the other affected people, he said.

The Congress leader said that the State Government should conduct a special drive to assess the rain-related damages in all 150 municipal divisions. He said that the GHMC should also start a helpline to guide people on claiming damages from insurance companies on vehicles and other insured products.

Sameer Waliullah pointed out that hundreds of fruit and vegetable vendors suffered losses to the tune of lakh of rupees due to heavy rains. While many vendors suffered huge damages after their fruits got washed away, fruits and vegetables worth several lakhs were rotted due to continuous rains. Further, he said several other vendors were unable to venture out due to continuous rains. He said that the State Government should count these vendors as rain victims and provide them with some financial assistance.

The Congress leader also expressed concern over the rising number of cases of malaria, dengue and other viral diseases. He said that the GHMC was yet to take anti-larval operations in a majority of areas. He demanded that the GHMC start a daily bulletin to update the people on the number of people affected with malaria, dengue, viral fever, etc., to create awareness among people in taking preventive measures.Sameer Waliullah also said that the GHMC should ideally convene a special general body meeting to discuss the rain-related damages in its jurisdiction and also to explore ways to prevent the possible spread of water-borne diseases in the city. (INN)

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