Hyderabad’s Biggest Kids expo to focus on futuristic subjects and concepts

Hyderabad: The Hitex to organise 15th edition of Hyderabad Kids’ Fair-2022 with a focus on futuristic subjects of learning for kids as well as parents. Addressing a Press conference at Hitex office on Wednesday Mr TG Srikanth, Business Head, Hitex which is organising Hyderabad’s biggest kids’ expo said the expo will focus on four elements for kids growth–personal, educational, extra-curricular and nutritional requirements.

The 15th edition of Hyderabad Kids’Fair will be held from December 23 to 25.  It will feature 100 plus exhibitors.

One of them is BuddsBuddy which introduced Dr.Flow, a plastic-free feeding bottle for babies, toddlers, kids, and adults from food-service-grade stainless steel and medical-grade silicone. We have made the world’s first plastic-free functional bottle said Krishna Sighakolli, Founder and CEO of the company.  This Hyderabad based manufacturer of baby care products and brands is competing with several MNC brands.  Our first stainless steel baby feeding bottle now corners 50% of the market share, which is 1.5 lakh pieces per month. We sell about 60 to 70 thousand bottles across 25000 outlets across the country. The baby care products market is about Rs 6000 crore across India, he said. 

Another exhibitor Merlinwand which is on a mission to divert children from eBooks and audio books to published books.

Ms. Archana Pai from Meru International school said that they ensure learning is engaging.  The school is going to introduce Financial Literacy and entrepreneurship into their curriculum as these are some of the most sought-after life skills that need to be taught from early childhood, she said.

Change the narrative of parenting.  We need to change parenting styles.  There is hitech parenting and double engine parenting.  No doubt father builds a family.  But most of them only pay the rent but fail to be a parent. We need mindful parents. These are futuristic thoughts and concepts we deal with, said Jashanpreet Kaur of My Sishu. Conscious Parenting is the new culture.  You can design your babies.  You can have your dream babies.  Parents can reproduce organic babies.  From your food to clothes, when everything is organic why can’t you have organic babies she questioned.  New age Parents, parents expecting babies and just married can explore these and many such revolutionary concepts by visiting us at the expo, she said.

Some of the courses they run are Sci-fi Pregnancy; Organic Pregnancy, Single Parenting and others

Kids’ Run is a very important part of the Kids Expo. It is a fun activity meant to promote running among children. While several events and initiatives cater to adults, we felt the absence of such initiatives for children, that is why this, said Mr. Arun Kumar, Secretary of Hyderabad Runners. Children need to start their fitness journey young, and with these motivations, the Hyderabad Kids Run was born. This is a non-competitive event centred around creating a fun running experience for kids from newborn to 12 years, he added

 It will be an evening run, a kid-friendly time rather than the usual morning run. The entry is open to kids as young as two years. Depending on the age, children are accompanied by one parent in the run, and most of the time, they finish far ahead of their parents. And Srikanth was quick to add “we are mindful of the fact that young children should not run long distances, so the run categories include a 1K, 2K and 4K run. At the end of the run, all kids get a finisher medal and a specialized healthy refreshment box’ said Mr. Srikanth TG. And it will be held on 24th December

Ms. Poonam Dedhia from Magic Logic Academy spoke about Maths and Phobia.  Maths is basic. Kids need to excel in it without fear.  So, they will offer solutions to parents on how to improve mental mathematics skills in their children.  Kids nowadays are more engrossed in Mobile phones and games.  We will offer solutions for gadget free child life, diversion from video phone addiction, she said and added that we will work towards taking children from the classroom to the world championship in Mental Mathematics.  Fear is not the answer.  I had faced this problem when my child was young. Today my child is a world champion.  If i can make my child, i can make other children too, she said. Why is there only one Shakuntala? There are many kids with such potential.  We will explore, she added. 

A boy or a girl can become a Calculator, she said.

Magic Logic Academy powered by the Indian Cube Association will organize Hyderabad Cube Championship, she shared.

Besides this, Mental math, sudoku, and Tangram will also be held

Some of the highlights of the show include Kids’ Run, Hands-on Learning, Team Activities, Games & Competitions, Sports & Adventure, DIY Sessions, Interactive Workshops and other

Chase tags an interesting activity is planned. Each Chase is about 20 seconds long with one Chaser and one Evader. It is a very interesting activity to be introduced for the first time. 

Do Science is the interesting activity of learning by doing. Children will get to try out interesting science experiments and gain hands-on experience

Leap Robots, a city-based ed-tech company will showcase how STEM education can be offered to kids through Robotics products.

National Adventure Foundation Telangana – A.P Chapter will organize adventure sports for the kids.

Over 25000 footfalls are expected in all three days.

Tickets for entry to the Kids Fair are available on BookMyShow and Paytm insider.

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