A uniquely curated, the biggest ever Undergrad Summit-2022 will be held at JNTU-Hyderabad

Hyderabad: The biggest ever Under Graduates Summit-2022 will be held at JNTU Hyderabad on December 24, 2022. It is a day long summit. It is an in person event and is the biggest ever post the pandemic.   It is organized by Stumag, an online discovery platform aimed at connecting students, faculty and corporate around India

The summit has a very impressive line-up of speakers.  Some of them include Pawan Kumar Chandana Co Founder, Skyroot, a Hyderabad based start-up;  Prof Katta, Narasimha Reddy Vice Chancellor JNTU;  Harish Shankar, Tollywood ace film director among others. 

It is a unique platform for undergraduate students across twin cities from different disciplines, coming together and meaningful engagement in academic and inter-cultural exchange.

The summit is all about what they don’t teach you at school and college is what you learn here.  It is all about talks, entertainment and opportunities, said Sri Charan Lakkaraju, Founder and CEO. 

It is a unique one-day event for undergraduate students and academics. It is curated by Stumag around the central theme of sharing information, knowledge, ideas, network. Learn diverse subjects, themes from equally diverse people.  While doing so, you can make a long standing.  Interdisciplinary connections and friendships, adds Charan.

It is also our endeavour to impress upon the participants the importance of leadership, while equipping them with knowledge and wisdom. These are a must if a student looks to further his or her career, talent, ideas and research. 

Over 300 colleges and 2000 students are expected to take part in this one day event.

It is a conference to ignite young minds says

 Over 50 per cent of our population is below 25 years. There is a strong need for serious professionals and personal skills to be inducted into the youth. Summit like this one is of immense help to them

Besides talks it will have panel discussions, stand-up comedy, live music band, live interships and many more.

This is the 3rd edition of the Summit. The first one was an instant hit with 1500 students from 200 plus colleges participating in it.

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