UNICEF appreciates midwifery in Telangana

Hyderabad: UNICEF has appreciated the efforts of the Telangana government for providing quality healthcare for the mother-child by introducing various programs.

The international organization especially appreciated the training and professionalism of Mid-Wives in Telangana. UNICEF India tweeted on Friday a photograph of a newborn baby from an area hospital in Hyderabad with the help of a midwife.

UNICEF has said that mother-child care was very good and midwifery in Telangana was at high standards compared to other states. The organization has also said that the Telangana government was working gracefully in maternity care.The efforts for normal deliveries, cleanliness, supportive programs for pregnant ladies and quality training for the midwives were appreciated. UNICEF has said that these efforts of Telangana helped achieve global sustainable goals. (INN)

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