Five of 10 persons can be saved by CPR: Harish Rao

Hyderabad: Cardiac Arrest (Cardiac Arrest) can happen to anyone and there was no time or occasion for it to happen, said Health Minister T. Harish Rao.

He said that about 15 lakh people die of sudden cardiac arrest every year in the country which amounts to 4,000 every day. He said that the number of those deaths can be reduced by CPR whereas only one in every 10 people was getting saved. But Minister Harish Rao said that WHO and many other health organizations say that five out of 10 people can be saved if the CPR process was successfully applied.

Minister Harish Rao spoke on the occasion of launching CPR training in Medchal district on Wednesday. If a person can perform CPR within minutes of cardiac arrest, many lives can be saved. It seems that 24,000 people die every year due to sudden cardiac arrest in Telangana. Half of these people can be saved if CPR training is done well. Harish Rao made it clear that awareness and training was the only requirement to perform CPR.

He said there was a need to expand CPR training programs across the state. He said that the health department, municipal; panchayat raj and police personnel were already asked to make arrangements. We will try to train the security personnel in gated communities as well as others, he added. He said that the aim of CPR was to save the precious lives of people.Harish Rao suggested that people need to do exercise and yoga every day. He opined that Cardiac arrests have increased after Corona. He advised that no matter how busy people are, they need to make lifestyle changes to protect their health. (INN)

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