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Harish Rao launches Arogya Mahila Scheme

Hyderabad: On the occasion of International Women’s Day, State Health Minister Harish Rao launched the Arogya Mahila Scheme in Karimnagar district on Wednesday, which will provide eight types of treatments exclusively for women. The scheme will also establish 100 new hospitals with only female staff.

Speaking at the event, Minister Harish Rao highlighted other programs undertaken for the welfare of women, including Arogya Lakshmi, Kalyana Lakshmi, and the KCR Kit. He also emphasized the importance of women’s safety and noted the formation of SHE Teams to address this issue. Furthermore, he pledged to implement the Mission Bhagiratha scheme to solve water problems for girls.

Under the Arogya Mahila Scheme, women will have access to treatment for diabetes, blood pressure, anaemia, and other general tests. The scheme also includes screening for oral, cervical, and breast cancer, thyroid tests to detect micronutrient deficiencies, and tests for urinary tract infections and pelvic inflammatory disease.

Hormone replacement therapy and counselling will be provided to those who need it during the menopause stage. Additionally, the scheme will raise awareness about fertility problems and conduct ultrasound tests for those who require them. Tests for sexually transmitted infections will also be available, and weight control, yoga, and exercise will be promoted. (INN)

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