Revenue officials clamped down on illegal construction

Hyderabad: Revenue officials have initiated a crackdown on illegal constructions situated on disputed lands in the villages of Ailapur Tanda and Ailapur, located in the Patancheruvu constituency, a suburb of Hyderabad. The demolition process commenced early on Saturday morning, with officials employing JCBs and bulldozers to tear down the unlawfully constructed structures. Revenue personnel from various regions within the Sangareddy district are carrying out the demolitions under the supervision of the police.Notably, illegal constructions in survey number 12, as well as houses in Ailapur Tanda, are also being targeted for demolition. However, during the process, villagers confronted the officials, expressing their dissatisfaction. House owners questioned the authorities regarding the lack of prior notice before the demolition, leading to a tense situation at the site temporarily. (INN)

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