Water released in Musi River from Kethepalli reservoir

Hyderabad: The Musi project in Kethepalli mandal is experiencing a remarkable milestone as its water capacity reaches the brim. Having been fully completed just two months ago, the project has reached its maximum level. The authorities have taken action by raising the gate and releasing 330 cusecs of water downstream.

The recent rainfall in the upper regions of Hyderabad has caused the Musi River to flood, further contributing to the current water levels at the project site. This unexpected development occurred in the first week of June. Presently, the water level stands at an impressive 644.60 feet, inching ever closer to the maximum water level of 645 feet.

Outlined below are the key details of the Musi project:

Inflow: The project is receiving an inflow of 243.16 cusecs of water.

Outflow: 88.17 cusecs of water is being released from the project.

Full water level: The maximum water level of the Musi River is 645 feet.

Current water level: As of now, the water level is at an impressive 644.60 feet.

Full Capacity: The project has a total capacity of 4.46 TMCs (Thousand Million Cubic Feet).The current water storage capacity at the Musi project stands at 4.36 TMCs, indicating a substantial amount of water in the reservoir. (INN)

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