Water flow increases in SRSP

Hyderabad: The flood flow into the Sri Ramsagar project is on the rise due to heavy rains in the upper areas. The current water level of the project is 1,076.10 feet, which is 14.9 feet below the full water level of 1,091 feet. The project water storage capacity is 90 TMC, and the current water storage is 42.452 TMC.

The inflow into the project is 92,590 cusecs, and the outflow is 632 cusecs. The project is currently operating at 65.6% of its capacity.

The authorities have warned people living in low-lying areas to be on alert as the water level in the project is expected to rise further. They have also advised people not to travel in the floodwaters.The authorities are monitoring the situation closely and will take necessary action if the water level continues to rise. (INN) 

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