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Makes kids human calculators, who calculate faster than calculators

Hyderabad: SIP Academy Celebrates 20 years of transforming lives, and reaches a landmark achievement of training one million kids in the last 20 years. It developed many kids into human calculators. Produced many kids below 15 years to be faster than the best calculators says V. Bharat, State Head of SIP Academy, India’s largest skill development Academy in India speaking at the celebration at its office in Kharkhana in Secunderabad today.

With a significant presence in Telugu states and headquartered in Chennai, It has been developing problem-solving analytical and critical thinking skills, concentration, memory and arithmetic ability in kids.

It started with 5 employees and 5 Area partners in the year 2023.  Today it is a mammoth organization. Founded by Mr Dinesh Victor, IIT Mumbai alumni, it is today the largest skill development company for children in India, said Bharath

SIP Academy includes 3 businesses – SIP Abacus, GlobalArt and MiKids. SIP Abacus is a skill development program that helps in various aspects of a child’s development and is designed to develop soft skills, numerical abilities and overall intelligence. Global is the first and only systematic, complete and efficient art program that aims to develop the artistic and creative potential of children. MIKIDS is a phonic-based International English learning program.

SIP Academy has a presence in 11 countries. It has trained one million kids in the age group of 5 to 15 years in the last 20 years. It trained 52,500 kids in Telangana alone. It has 950 centers across India and 54 in Telangana.  49 out of these 54 centres in Telagnana are managed by women. Most of its course instructors are women.  It has well over 5000 of them.  Out of which 250 are alone in Telangana. 

Hyderabad’s Neelakanta Bhanu Prakash who emerged as the fastest human calculator in the world in the year 2020 is the alumni of SIP Academy. He is the first Indian to win the coveted title

SIP Academy is making a significant impact on the mental capacity of children. It is widely known for producing child prodigies with razor-sharp intelligence. It holds 5 Limca Book of Records.

Another important aspect of it is 80% of people who work with it as Trainers, Franchisees or employees are women.  It is a women-friendly company that supports the entrepreneurial drive-in women.

It’s vision is to eradicate Math phobia, improve cognitive abilities in students through arithmetic learning, help students explore the infinite capabilities of the human brain, make Math fun and promote Brain Games as a Structured sport

Its students have been demonstrating how powerful the human brain is if properly trained.  Through its program, kids develop intelligence. It demonstrates that math is fun, an easy thing to do.   Every child if trained properly can calculate faster than a calculator. They can be counting machines.  Today many trained students are racing past the speed of a calculator.

Speaking about trends in this space in India, Mr Dinesh Victor, MD of SIP Academy said, many parents are looking to empower their kids with additional skills. Mind Sport is considered a new genre of sports by many parents now. Fact there should be a day dedicated to Mind Sports.  He appealed to the Union Human Resources Ministry to consider declaring a day for Mind Sports.  Mind sports are seen as a new mantra to develop the intellectual potential of the child by many educationists. It is considered and defined as a genre of sports by many developed countries. But, we haven’t done much in this, he added.

An IIT and IIM alumni, Dinesh Victor is a champion of the skill development movement for Children in India.  He is one of the names to reckon with in India on the subject of Skills Development in children. He was featured in the top 10 IIT Mumbai Alumni Leaders in the year 2022.

Many experts, educationists, particularly parents are awakening to the dangers of their children becoming addicted to digital screens and devices and we want kids to explore Mind Sport as a good and constructive engaging activity that will contribute to their intellectual potential, Dinesh added.

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