CIE at IIITH organises Generative AI Summit along with T-Hub and Nasscom DTC

Hyderabad: CIE at IIITH organised a Generative AI Summit along with T-Hub and Nascomm DTC in the city on Wednesday. Over 50 high-tech startups were showcased at the Hyderabad Gen AI summit.  10 tech leaders deliberated on Gen AI use cases in BFSI and enterprise tech sectors. 20 curated startups presented their Gen AI solutions and VCs shared insights on the opportunities for Gen AI.

The BFSI panel deliberated on the Gen AI use cases in the financial sector. Tech Leaders Wells Fargo (Harish Mohan), Goldman Sachs (Alok Madhukar), Shreenivas P Rao, Mass Mutual (Rajesh V), and HSBC (Mamatha Madireddy), brought their insights and experiences in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance domain. 

On the Enterprise Tech front, luminaries such as Abhay Tandon (TVS), Jayaram Valliyur (Uber), Sundar Srinivasan (Microsoft), Ravi Kappagantu (JPMC), and Vasudeva Verma (IIITH) shared insights and perspectives, delving into the latest trends and innovations within the enterprise technology landscape.

The Deeptech panel boasted a lineup including Prof CV Jawahar (IIITH), Prof Anoop Namboodiri (IIITH), Prof Manish Srivastava (IIITH), Vishnu (Subtl.Ai), Parikshit (DreamVu), Pavan Reddy (Neural Sync), and Srinivas Kolipara (Xelpmoc Design & Tech Limited). These accomplished individuals engaged in in-depth discussions surrounding cutting-edge developments in the realm of deep technology.

Lastly, the VCs panel comprised the expertise of Roopan Aulakh (Pi Ventures), Anagh Prasad (Accel), Vamshi (Kalaari), Rajeev Suri (Orios Ventures), and Srikanth Sundarajan (T-Hub), who provided valuable insights into the world of venture capital, startups, and investment strategies.

The topics of discussion were Enterprise Speak- Gen AI value real or fictional? For the BFSI panel where Leaders from Indian/MNC fintech companies deliberating on use-cases in BFSI, Generative AI in Enterprise Tech for Enterprise Tech panel, DeepTech Jugalbandi for the Deeptech Panel where 3 eminent IIITH professors, and the startup founders whose startup came out of their work in a fireside chat and The Winds, Generative AI trends that VCs see for the VC Panel where VCs reflected on how Gen AI companies are performing.

Specifically, a panel on research startups where professors and the startup founders had a conversation on how research startups go from lab to land.

20 curated startups showcased their Gen AI tech across conversational AI, video generation, data ML and analytical generation: Subtl.AI, GenZ Technologies, OML.AI, Haptik, PureCode, PushpakTech, Smart Bot, Nuacem, Atai, Dave ai, Hirex Ai, Revition, Atomstate Technologies Private Limited, Voxta, Tryd.Ai, Ajna.Ai, Deeplobe, Matchday.Ai, Anantadi and the AI Studio.

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