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Research expands knowledge, says Dr Ganesan at GITAM

Research expands knowledge, and knowledge is power, said Dr. V. Ganesan, Former Professor, Dean Academic Research, HoD of Department of Mechanical Engineering at IIT Madras.

“Research is a systematic attempt to provide answers to the questions. Research expands knowledge. Knowledge is power”, Dr. V.Ganesan noted.

Speaking in a guest lecture on ‘My Experience with Academic Research’ at GITAM University in Hyderabad, Dr Ganesan opined that discovery of new things and something new to humanity was research.

Research problem is nothing but a questing to be addressed and focus on the content of the topic of once interest, he advised faculty members at GITAM on Saturday.

If anybody really serious about research, they have been conducting experiments and try to discover something from their research, said former professor of IIT Madras.

“Research is a rigorous one. Take it seriously. First of all, learn how to conduct research. Objectivity is most important thing for research. You decide what exactly you are going to do,” he advised researcher and research guides.

He strongly advocated experimental research, know the truth and get the insights.

“After the research, try to explain your results. Results should be in unbiased. The title is not more than 10 to 15 words. Anybody fairly understands the abstract” he exhorted.

Dr. Ganesan ascertained that one must have a will to do the research.

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