Strengthen AIMPLB on Triple Talaq & Uniform Civil Code: Interview with Abid Rasool Khan

As Triple Talaq and Uniform Civil Code are being hotly debated across the nation, we have tried to understand both the issues. State Minorities Commission chairman Abid Rasool Khan terms the debate a political gimmick and asks Muslims to back All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) on these issues, in a conversation with Fasiullah SM.

Brief transcript:

Government is basically playing an unethical game with the communities by talking about Uniform Civil Code. The fact is there’s no code in place. Code is law. As of today Government of India does not have any such code. And they are asking people to respond to the code or a questionnaire.

My submission and demand to the Government of India is that if you are so serious about having one law one nation or one nation one law – as they are trying to say – then you please bring the rules you want to implement and put it as code in public domain as has been done in the case of Education policy and let people respond to it…it’s a democratic process.

Earlier governments too said that they wanted to bring Uniform Civil Code under Article 44, which is a directive principle. They say that ‘we want to see everybody gets their rights’. It’s a noble gesture. Muslims are also not against it, as long as it doesn’t interfere in our religion, Quran and Shariah.

We are not against laws which are socially acceptable. As we have accepted criminal laws. But the point is what is to be accepted. There’s nothing in place to discuss. Even I am unable to answer, as there’re no laws put for discussion.

It’s a political gimmick to marginalize minority Muslims, showing them in front of other people as if they are unruly and they don’t follow and respect the Constitution.

And they are always trying to get privileges. This the type of opinion that’s being build up. Unfortunately, our community is reacting to it without trying to understand their game plan.

Don’t take us for a ride. Come out with a Uniform Civil Code draft. Give it to our community. Give it to Christians. Give to Hindus, Sikhs, Malayalis, and everybody. We all will study it, and have debates all over the country. And when we finally say yes this is acceptable, you make it a law. Don’t interfere in our religion. Let our religion be separate as guaranteed under Article 25.

I have greatest respect for our Constitution. Because it allows me to profess, practice and propagate my religion. I respect and submit before it.

Note: Watch full conversation below for complete understanding of the issues.

Watch: Abid Rasool Khan on Triple Talaq and Uniform Civil Code

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