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Islam was the first religion to provide separation option for couples, says Nalsar VC Faizan Mustafa

Islam was the first religion to provide separation option for couples, said NALSAR University vice chancellor Prof. Faizan Mustafa during a talk organized at Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU).

“Islam is the first religion which provides the option of separation among couples as the last resort while describing marriage as a contract,” he pointed out.

Delivering the talk at the inaugural session of training program on ‘Rights of Women’ yesterday, the eminent jurist said that Islam recognized rights of women in the society.

He adds that the religion demands its followers to recognize those rights in principle and practice.

Prof. Mustafa pointed out that Hindu Code Bill has borrowed many things from Islam. In this context he referred to the law of inheritance. Under the Hindu law divorce was unimaginable.

Equality does not mean ‘sameness’ and law forms a small part of traditions and culture of the country, he noted.

Referring to the debate over Uniform Civil Code and declaration filed by government in the Supreme Court Prof. Faizan Mustafa said that in past the Apex court avoided the issue and left it to the will of Parliament.

“As a matter of fact no Muslim victim women ever approached Supreme Court. In the current scenario, Supreme Court had expressed desire to entertain any PIL filed on behalf of Muslim women,” the VC informed.

Commenting on the issues like triple talaq or divorce and polygamy which were covered by the Government declaration, the jurist pointed out that in this context, reference to the non-democratic Islamic Countries was untenable.

“As far as polygamy is concerned, it is more prevalent in the Hindu community. In most of the cases the aggrieved women cannot even prove the guilt in the court,” he said.

He acknowledged the need to bring about gradual reforms in the personal laws.

“Uniform civil code shall not be imposed upon for the sake of it. Laws alone do not provide solution to the problems. There is need for change in the attitude of men towards women,” he added.

The talk was organized by Centre for Women Studies of MANUU, in collaboration with National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi.

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