All safety measures in place of SCR: GM

Hyderabad: The South Central Railway (SCR) has been undertaking Safety Audit on its Network and initiating steps to ensure optimal safety in train operations on a continuous basis, said SCR GM Ravindra Gupta.

The SCR GM has been monitoring the aspect of safety across all parameters, with strong emphasis towards keeping the Rail Network safe suiting to the requirements of various seasonal conditions, with the criteria being “Zero Tolerance” towards accidents.

Keeping the winter season in view, winter patrolling has been introduced on the entire zone to detect Rail/Weld failures. Officers and Supervisors have been assigned duties to carry out foot plate inspections in the night.

Ultra-Sonic Flaw Detector (USFD) testing is being done intensively to detect flaws in the Rails and Welds and all mandatory remedial measures are being taken on time.

Measures have gone to reduce chances of Rail fracture by means of improvements in the quality of welding, procurement of Ultra-Sonic testing cars, Rail grinding machines and improved Rail fastenings.

In addition, preventive steps are in place to keep the Rail Tracks safe in identified fracture prone areas.

In the wake of the unfortunate train accident near Kanpur yesterday, Ravindra Gupta expressed his deep sorrow at the loss of lives and advised the safety wing on the zone to still more strengthen overall safety measures. (INN)

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