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TS Govt proposes to spend Rs. 13,380 Cr for road development

Hyderabad: Roads and Buildings Minister Tummala Nageshwara Rao informed the State Legislative Assembly that the State Government would spent a whopping Rs. 13,380 for the development of roads across Telangana State.

Making a statement in the House on Friday, the minister alleged that Telangana region was subjected to discrimination in every sector in the erstwhile combined Andhra Pradesh regime and the road sector has had its share of sufferings.

“At the time of formation of Telangana State, the condition of road network was bad. Out of the total road length of 24,250 Km, about 16864 Km length i.e 70% of the road length was single lane only,

and even the single lane roads condition was poor as it was neglected resulting in number of road accidents, more travel time and more consumption of fuel,” he said.

The minister said after formation of Telangana, the State Government took up the challenge of the development of neglected road sector.

He said out of the 16,864 Km of Single lane roads, about 12,000 Km has been taken up for development at a cost of Rs. 13,380 crore.

This Involves construction of 357 Nos of bridges. “This huge budget provision is alone the standing example of the commitment of this Government,” he said.

Tummala said there was no program in the country which provides for double lane connectivity between Mandal and District Headquarters.

Out of 459 Mandals (prior to reorganisation of districts), 143 Mandals were not connected with a double lane road. The works have been taken up in 139 Nos at a cost of Rs. 2,466 Cr covering a length of 1,848 Kms.

The works are in progress and proposals for providing double lane connectivity for some more mandals out of newly created 125 Mandals are under consideration of the Government.

The State Government has taken up for widening to double lane at a cost of Rs. 5,634 Cr covering length of 4058 Kms connecting important towns and places of the state.

As many as 357 bridges will be constructed at a cost of Rs. 1,538 Cr. The major bridges include four bridges across river Godavari, five across Manair river, two across river Manjeera, one across river Pranahltha near Gudem, two across river Krishna (Mattampally in Nalgonda district, Somasila In Nagarkurnool district).

For the first time in south India, two suspension bridges are being planned on river Godavari at Parnasala and river Manair at Karimnagar.

As a novel idea bridge-cum-check-dam construction has been taken up at certain locations of these bridges.This would facilitate In storage of water upstream side of bridge which would help in increasing the ground water level in surrounding areas.

The minister said that the government has sanctioned renewals for 5500 Kms at a cost of Rs. 1800 Crore. All the works are completed.

For 69 number of Road Safety Engineering Works, Rs.123 Crores were sanctioned. As a part of Haritha Haaram Program, saplings were planned on both sides of the roads for a length of 7,000 KMs, whose safety is being taken care of well.

He said the government has taken up and completed works for Godavari Pushkarams for a length of 284 KMs costing Rs. 232 Crores. Similarly, 63 works have been sanctioned for a length of 564 Km costing Rs. 359 Crores for Krishna Pushkarams and completed in very less time.

Tummala said that the construction of state roads was done on par with the standards of National Highways.

The State Government also undertook construction of environmental friendly green-roads, suspension bridges at Parnasata on Godavari and at Karimnagar on Manair and ground water augmentation with construction of Bridges with Check-dams for preserving water for human and animal consumption.

He said 7500 Km length roads have been completed at a cost of Rs 4,000 Crores and 60 Bridges/ROBs were completed at a cost of 250 Crores.

Improvement of 754 Km length of roads was done under Godavari & Krishna Pushkarams at a cost of Rs 591 Crores and works on 4,000 Km Length of road and 280 Bridges/ROBs are in progress, he said. (INN)

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