Team of retired cops prevent smuggling of PDS rice

Hyderabad: Commissioner of Civil Supplies C.V. Anand informed that the enforcement task force teams, constituted with the retired Police officers to check malpractices and corruption in distribution of essential commodities under PDS, is yielding good results.

Frequent raids by Enforcement team have also shown growth in the performance of the MLS Points, FP Shops. Strict measures at the state border have shown decrease in the illegal supply of PDS Rice to other states.

To prevent and check corruption in PDS, defaults in supply of household goods Consumer Affairs, Food and Civil Supplies Department has appointed Enforcement Wing with 5 Teams of 20 members from retired police officers and officials from Revenue, Commercial Tax and Civil Supplies departments.

Commissioner C.V. Anand on Sunday reviewed the performance of the Enforcement wing in Civil Supplies Bhavan.

In three months from February to April Enforcement wing conducted raids in 179 areas all over the state. During these raids wing filed 56 6A cases and 9 criminal cases and seized 3,507 qtls. PDS Rice, 937 qtls.

CMR paddy worth of Rs. One Crore, Sugar worth of Rs. 2.15, LPG Cylinders, Kerosene. Commissioner said with these raids the department has reduced the illegal transportation of Sanna Biyyam, Rationed Rice upto worth of Rs. 3,16,73,701.

Department was able to recover the maximum CMR from millers due the frequent check. In last 2015-16 Kharif season 4525.701 metric tons of rice was due to be recovered. In 2016-17 Kharif season only 1192 tons is due. Nearly 99.91% rice is recovered.

Five Enforcement wings, each constituted with four retired government officers headed by Retd. SP officer has conducted raids on MLS Points incharge, FP Shops dealers, rice millers, Government Hostels and Schools getting Sanna biyyam from rice millers under Mid-day-Meals Scheme, LPG Godowns, illegal transportation of rice to other states through rail and road transport.

The Civil Supplies Department is working with the aim of eradicating corruption and irregularities in PDS. The Commissioner has informed that while offenders will be dealt with firmly and at the same encourage who work honestly with responsibility and discipline. (INN)

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