Gain piety, not weight in Ramazan: Asaduddin Owaisi

Gain piety and not weight during the Holy month of Ramazan, Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi urged youngsters in a sermon delivered today in Tolichowki.

“I appeal youth to revere this month … Ramazan has not come [for you] to put on weight, but to give a training in hunger and thirst,” the Muslim lawmaker said in Bilal Masjid.

Criticizing a local trend among youth in Hyderabad, AIMIM supremo said Suhoor does not mean consuming a couple of plates of Haleem, a popular dish available in Ramazan in the city.

He counted on benefits of fasting from a scientific point of view and urged people with obesity problem to fast occasionally for a healthy living.

Owaisi also took a pot shot at modern day intellectuals who criticize Islam and Muslims that they don’t do justice to women.

He said that Prophet Muhammad (pubh) used to arrange special sessions for women to read and understand verses revealed to him. He added that the religion has been giving respect to women since last 1400 year.

“The Quran is a masterpiece of eloquence and articulation…the anti-Islam forces say they would tamper the Quran…1400 years ago the Quran threw a challenge for people with such mentality to bring a few verses like it,” Owaisi noted.

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