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Hyderabad Youth Mirror (HYM) is a platform for youngsters to speak up about issues that matter to them, and showcase their purposive creativity in variety of ways, including articles, news, cartoons, etc. We cover local events, regional politics, business, education and much more.

HYM was launched on August 24, 2014 at Pottisriramulu Telugu University in Nampally by Prof. Suleman Siddiqui, former Vice Chancellor, Osmania University. Read about launch news.

“HYM is one of the numerous initiatives required to inspire youth and guide them towards right path and goals.”

Note: If you are interested in becoming a part of HYM, then please Sign Up now. For advertisement queries, sharing event details, or sending articles and press releases, write to us at hymfeedback@gmail.com.

HYM is owned and operated by HYM Yuva Media, a registered firm based in Hyderabad, Telangana State.

HYM is digitally marketed by ThinkXGuru.

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A small setup of libary in basti locality to school kids and educated youth to come in interaction with each other .

Greetings To HYM My ♥ Heartfelt Congratulations for HYMs Success for inspiring Today’s Youth Creativity a Platform to speak out their matters with an Expression of Freedom

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