Youth and Depression Management

Prof. Amber Haque for Hyderabad Youth Mirror # Youth is a time for aspirations, dreams, and fantasies. It is a time when healthy young people are generally carefree and sometimes very confident. They may even be ready to conquer the world! But there are youth who slip into the other extreme, a condition called depression. […]


HYM Inaugural Program

Here are snapshots from inaugural program of Hyderabad Youth Mirror:

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Youth Spirit: Understanding ‘Youthness’

Hisham Barbhuiya for Hyderabad Youth Mirror # Youth is a period of life every human being looks forward to as a kid. When old, the same individual may lament over the lost period for not having utilized it enough. The stereotypical image of youths indulging in sports, adventure tourism and everything associated with fun and […]

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Being Youth Ever – I Can, You Can, We Can!

S M Fasiullah for Hyderabad Youth Mirror # Behind every revolution there are youth. Every war is powered by youth. Many adventurous projects across the world are carried out by youth. They are the power house of energy. Ask an elderly person, he will tell you what it means to be young and energetic. But […]


In Conversation with Darvesh Faiz

All India first ranker in National Level Science Talent Search Exam (NSTSE) Darvesh Faiz shares his success mantra during an interaction with S M Fasiullah. Mr. Faiz is a KVPY Fellow and engineering student at BITS Pilani, Hyderabad. He scored 99.32% in CAT and 99.02% in XAT exams. He also writes for during free […]


Science vs. Religion

Dr. Thamee Shahid for Hyderabad Youth Mirror # Our world is changing faster than we can perceive a change that moves with the speed of light. While most of us prefer the normalcy of daily routines with little or no change in the schedule of everyday activities, including our prayers without question, the world we […]

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Education Requirements in Information Technology Age

Prof. Suleman Siddiqi for Hyderabad Youth Mirror # This age of Information Technology has thrown open new avenues and has brought knowledge at our door steps. Overwhelming changes are taking place in different spheres of our life, therefore, it is time that the young Muslim youth must set their goals, reorient themselves to the requirements […]