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Advertise @ HYM

Promote your brand and organization on YouthMirror.in and encourage us to cater students and youth with passion and professionalism.

Areas of Focus

We are a global platform with focus on things local. Education stands out as our primary focus area. Coverage of local events, business, politics, people and places acts as a supplement. We interview people with interesting backgrounds having expertise in various areas to inform and inspire youngsters.

Our Readers

Since our inception, we have focused exclusively on young readers. Majority of our readers are students and youth. We will continue to focus on them as long as we can.

Our Partners

Though started a few years ago, we began building advertising partners lately. As of now we have countable partners, including Travel Lounge, Insight International School, Intelli Public School, and Fortune Media.

If you advertise with us, your name may also feature in the list of our advertising partners.

Ad Sizes/Positions

We follow standard internet ad sizes. They are: 720 x 90 (1 Top, 1 Bottom) and 300 x 250 (Sidebar). In sidebar, latest ad comes on top.

Ad Queries

For queries related to advertisement, please write to us at hymfeedback@gmail.com.