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Seen Actor Jagapati Babu, Dr.Jasleen Kaur and Dr.Kushwan Singh with Pets at Allvet Mobile Pet Clinic Launching
Seen Actor Jagapati Babu, Dr.Jasleen Kaur and Dr.Kushwan Singh with Pets at Allvet Mobile Pet Clinic Launching

Actor Jagapati Babu launched Allvet Mobile Pet Grooming & Clinic at Banjara Hills

Hyderabad: It is the undisputed truth. Having pets, particularly dogs, is almost common in most households. Every house having pets treats them as one of their own kith and kin. Like our children, even they all need extra care when it comes to maintaining their health and hygiene.

Another pre-requisite when we have pets at home pertains to the precautions needed to ensure that they don’t spread any sort of discomfort in the house, particularly when there are children and tiny-tots at home.

Here is some good news for all pet lovers from Telangana State and Andhra Pradesh. There won’t be any need for you to take the pet to a hospital for any treatment, to have their medical check-ups or to handle their well-being.

A one-of-its-kind magical turnaround is happening right in Hyderabad, which comes as a Godsend opportunity for the owners to take advantage of. This will come courtesy of Allvet Pet Clinic, which has been around since six months and has been winning accolades for the personal touch that is provided.

At the service of all pet lovers will be Allvet’s unique concept that has immense benefits and will help bring relief to the owners at their doorstep.

In an age when taking the pets to clinics and Vets could be time-consuming and at times stressful, Allvet comes as a facilitator with its all-equipped mobile clinic.

Although, it has been six months since a modest start, Allvet is now keen to spread its reach, and go nearer to the households so that owners can take the help of the clinic on wheels.

Like me, most of my associates, are pet owners. As concerned parents, we understand the need for effective pet care. In fact, this first-hand knowledge is helping us to make our service top grade, as also help pamper the pet to more adorable levels.

Allvet vehicles will be equipped with a bathing tub, water tank with 400 liters capacity and separate table for haircuts, enabling us to provide all grooming services at home at unbelievably reasonable rates. In addition to having a Vet, the vehicle will have qualified personnel to attend to the pet’s needs.

We offer professional services in hair trimming, bath, medicated baths, at home vaccinations and treatments, ambulance services for emergencies, and a lot more.

In short, we are there at your beck and call for any need your pet needs. That assurance comes straight from the heart as pet care is a passion with all of us.

The most significant aspect of pets is that it cuts across all social classes. Owners are just restricted to elite sections but belong to every economic strata.

Pet owners can contact us on Tel No:8968691929/04023117030 or log on to: www.allvetpetclinic.co.in

Well, pet-grooming has never been this easy. It gives immense pleasure that we are receiving patronage from versatile actor Jagapathi Babu.

The actor hailed the initiative and said that it would go a long way in helping pet owners.
Recounting his association with dogs which he had all through his life, he said his daughter was possessive about them.

His daughter who stays in USA ensures that puppies are taken care of by giving them to families that loved pets at home.

The actor praised Dr.Jasleen Kaur for launching the mobile clinic.

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