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Amit Shah is telling blatant lies about Telangana: KCR
Amit Shah is telling blatant lies about Telangana: KCR

Amit Shah is telling blatant lies about Telangana: KCR

Hyderabad: Launching a scathing attack on BJP National President Amit Shah, Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao accused him of telling blatant lies about Telangana and asked him to tender an apology.

“Amit Shah has made factually incorrect statements about Telangana and its financial position. Such statements would badly hurt the investments and image of Telangana State.

Since my silence on Amit Shah’s statement would amount to endorsement of his allegations, I decided to present the reality before the people,” KCR said while addressing a press conference at Pragathi Bhavan on Wednesday evening. He said Amit Shah’s claims of Central Government giving Rs. 1 lakh crore to Telangana were wrong.

Similarly, he asked Amit Shah to explain when and how the Centre provided additional Rs. 20,000 crore to Telangana every year. “I challenge Amit Shah to prove additional funds of only Rs. 200 crore to Telangana. I’m ready to quit my Chief Minister’s post if I am proved wrong,” challenged KCR.

Accusing Amit Shah of practicising ‘cheap politics’, KCR said Telangana has a distinct culture and identity. Therefore, BJP’s Uttar Pradesh model would not be successful in Telangana.

He said even Mahatma Gandhi, during his visit to Vivek Vardhini School in Hyderabad in 1927, had praised the Ganga-Jamuna culture of Hyderabad and advised North Indians to emulate Hyderabadis. He said the culture of peaceful co-existence could not be tarnished by leaders like Amit Shah.

KCR also ridiculed Amit Shah’s lunch with Dalit families and described it as political gimmick. He said that the food was prepared in an adjacent village by a person called Manohar Reddy. He said TRS Government was spending a lot more funds than the Centre for the welfare of SCs and STs.

He said several schemes like Mission Kakatiya and Mission Bhagaritha of Telangana Government were appreciated by everyone. He said many union ministers including Prime Minister Narendra Modi had praised the TS Government on multiple occasions. However, he said Amit Shah was making statements to nullify the actual position of Telangana.

Stating that Telangana was among the richest States in India, KCR said that the Central Government was giving funds to the State as a mandate and not as favour.

He said as against the collection of Central Taxes of about Rs. 52,000 crore from Telangana, the State got Rs. 24,561 crore from the Centre. He gave a complete breakup of collection of taxes from Telangana. Similarly, he said Telangana was getting its due share like other States in other schemes.

He said that the Central Government was not doing any special favour to Telangana State.

KCR accused Amit Shah of insulting the people of Telangana by making factually incorrect statements. He said he was the only Chief Minister in the country who openly supported Prime Minister Narendra Modi on demonitisation issue.

However, he said that the BJP President was making unnecessary statements to tarnish Telangana’s image. “I may tolerate if anyone abuses me at personal level. But anyone targeting Telangana State will be viewed as State’s enemy and I will fight with them,” he said. He also ridiculed Amit Shah’s claim of BJP coming to power in next elections.

“I may claim that TRS will form next government at the Centre or I will become the next Prime Minister. Everyone one has a right to contest elections. But no one is allowed to show Telangana is bad light,” he said adding that a latest survey has shown that if elections are held today, then BJP will not be able to win even a single seat in the State.

KCR said that the TRS was yet to take a decision on the supporting a candidate in Presidential elections. He said the decision would be taken only after consulting all other leaders in the TRS.

When asked for reaction on BJP’s aggressive plans for expansion in Telangana, the Chief Minister said, “KCR has seen many storms. This is not even a wind,” he said.

The Chief Minister also clarified that the State Government has no plans to construct new Secretariat on Parade Grounds. He said that the Parade Grounds will remain an open space.

However, he said that the government is planning to construct a new Secretariat and Assembly building at 55-acre Bison Polo Ground. (INN)

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