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Entrepreneurship, Youth & Nation Building

Abu Sultan for Hyderabad Youth Mirror # The term nation building basically means development of a nation. There are many grounds on which development takes place. It’s a strong perception that youth can take the nation to a height where it is supposed to be. Youth have always been energetic …

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Modern Youth and Health Issues

Dr. Ahmed Siddiqui for Hyderabad Youth Mirror # Health is the most precious gift from our creator. Its importance is often realized when disease strikes. In whatever level a disease may be, be it minor or major, it always hurts. Major diseases tend to strike at a later part of …

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Importance of Seeking Knowledge in Islam

Syed Mujeebuddin Hussaini for Hyderabad Youth Mirror # Islam is monotheistic religion that preaches oneness of Allah and its followers are informed of the same through numerous messengers appointed by Allah. The message to every nation was same, and laws alone were different suiting to the understanding of people of …

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Women and Nation Building

Dr. Thamee Shahid for Hyderabad Youth Mirror # All of us in this world are people who share things, basic needs and wants that define the similarities between us – as humans. We are all expected to perform our duties, deliver and execute, without question. We must ‘blend in’. Work, …

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Significance of Knowledge in the Qur’an

Prof. Mohd. Suleman Siddiqi for Hyderabad Youth Mirror # The purpose of this article is to point out the emphasis the Qur’an places upon the acquisition of knowledge. The Qur’an says: “Are the wise and the ignorant equal ? Truly, none will take head but men of understanding” (39:9) The …

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Youth Following Machiavelli?

Saba Hussain for Hyderabad Youth Mirror # Machiavelli, the first political thinker of the 16th century is responsible, apart from few other political scientists, for separating politics from religion and morals. More popularly, his political philosophy promotes the concept of “might is right” as true and justified concept of the …

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HYM Launch in News

Radiance Weekly Hyderabad Youth Mirror Launched BeyondHeadlines Former Osmania VC Inaugurates ‘Hyderabad Youth Mirror MuslimMirror “Hyderabad Youth Mirror” magazine launched TaaziNews Hyderabad Youth Mirror Launched For Guiding Youth TwoCircles Magazine focusing on minority youth of Hyderabad launched Local Urdu News (Sada-e-Hussaini)

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Excellence in Sports Participation

Ehtesham Ali Khan for Hyderabad Youth Mirror # Usually when one writes articles such as these the tendency is to keep saying we should do this, we should do that and so on. However, an alternate way to put things together is to convey benefits and I think that makes …

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Youth and Depression Management

Prof. Amber Haque for Hyderabad Youth Mirror # Youth is a time for aspirations, dreams, and fantasies. It is a time when healthy young people are generally carefree and sometimes very confident. They may even be ready to conquer the world! But there are youth who slip into the other …

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