Babri Masjid: Students organize protest at MANUU Campus

Babri Masjid: Students organize protest at MANUU Campus

Hyderabad: MANUU Students Union organized a candle light march against the demolishing of Babri Masjid on the same day 25 years ago. Large number of students participated in the march and many students spoke about the demolition and its implications of the overall politics of India.

Speaking on the occasion, President MANUU Students Union, Attaullah Niazi condemned the demolition of Babri Masjid, calling it a Black Day in the history of Indian democracy. Niazi asked the participants to never forget this day, as this day marks a turning point in Indian politics, where communal forces were openly entertained by the government.

He also said that this isn’t just an issue of a single masjid being demolished but the larger politics of this country that we have seen since then and especially after 2014 elections. BJP has been playing the card of Ram Mandir to garner votes by communally charging the people.

He also appealed to the people that they shouldn’t fall trap to these divisive politics and maintain communal harmony and he also appealed to the govt. to solve the issue in an amicable way through the law and constitution
of this land.

After Attaullah Niazi different students also spoke about the issue and the current political scenario of India where minorities are living in fear and where situations like that of 1992 are being created.

Then the participants lit candles and mourned this day as a black day that made minorities feel like others in this country. Rahul Madhnure (President, Ambedkar Students Association, MANUU) was also present on the occasion.

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