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Ramadan: Fasting Improves Overall Well-being

Fasting boosts production of nemotrophic-factors protein that improves brain functioning.

By Prof. Amber Haque The Muslim month of Ramadan is here and over a billion Muslims around the world will fast in this month. Muslims fast because there is an injunction in the Quran telling them to do so. The Quran reminds Muslims that many prophets and their followers before …

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Arabian Mandi Conquers Hyderabad

Mandi, a popular Arabian dish in Hyderabad

It’s 12.00 am, Anshoor and friends were waiting after ordering their favorite ‘Mandi’ at a local restaurant in the Tolichowki area of Hyderabad. He is a central university student from Kerala studying in the city of biryani. Anshoor, along with his friends often gather to enjoy local cuisine. When asked …

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KCR will Lose or Win the 2018 Assembly elections?

Going to battle field with your blessings: KCR

Just as the assembly elections are due to held on December 7, parties are keenly observing who will win the crucial Telangana assembly elections. By Sam Arackal It is December 2018. Some eight months before there was an aura of invincibility cultivated by the ruling TRS party by splitting the …

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Latest Trends in Hyderabad

Hyderabad's iconic structure Charminar illuminated in tricolors

Biryani This trend never gets too old for Hyderabad and its people. Once in vogue, always in vogue. For years now, this place has been associated with Biryani. One cannot even imagine the different varieties of this dish that are available in this city. Hands down, the most loved dish …

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Content is King. Where is its Honor?

A talented content writer should be treated as Ideator with due respect.

Importance of content is accepted by everyone be they are businesses or politicians. In the olden days civilizations were cultivated, promoted, and sustained with content. One religion say through word everything is created. Thanks to product innovation, new product development, market creation, and change management, content is raising its head …

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Merry Crisis and Happy New Fear for India Inc?

Merry Crisis and Happy New Fear

Imagine a scenario where the opposition was continually outwitted by the ruling party in its battle campaign against demonetization. The embattled opposition turned to god for help. They prayed to goddess Saraswati devi for a boon to outwit the Prime Minister. Heeding the relentless prayer, the Goddess agreed to twist …

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Knowledge Workers vs. Corporate Bureaucracy

Knowledge Workers vs. Corporate Bureaucracy

Like never before, the post capitalist society in India is facing problems from within. In one sense, it is tradition vs. status quo; friction between intellectuals and managers resulting in negative growth of industries. Why the battle lines are drawn? What are the gaps with the existing knowledge economy? Who …

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